AI-Driven Growth: The Next Chapter for System1's RAMP technology

June 10th, 2024

At System1, we’re excited to announce major advances in our proprietary Responsive Acquisition Marketing Platform (RAMP). This marks a turning point in our company’s history as we integrate cutting-edge generative AI and machine learning capabilities into RAMP, making it more powerful and versatile than ever before.

Reengineered for the Future

Over the past year, our product and engineering teams have been meticulously incorporating AI into RAMP, fundamentally reengineering our operations.AI-enabled enhancements already are delivering impressive results and enabling us to scale our marketing operations by orders of magnitude – where we once launched hundreds of advertising campaigns daily, we now have the capacity to launch thousands at a time.

This exponential growth underscores System1’s position as one of the largest performance marketers on the internet, specializing in customer acquisition.

RAMP: End-to-end Customer Acquisition

RAMP is our proprietary end-to-end digital marketing platform.

RAMP enables our System1 marketing team and our network partners to purchase advertising across all major internet marketing channels, and then monetize traffic via our partnerships with industry giants like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

In addition to RAMP, we operate brands such as MapQuest, CouponFollow and Startpage.

Automation and Scale through AI

Automation has always been at the heart of System1‘s technology platform. Operating at our scale requires the sophisticated automation of processes and the deployment of machine learning.

With AI, we can automate the creation of new advertising campaigns and generate content to support these campaigns at scale.

Our AI and machine learning capabilities also optimize bid pricing, ensuring the most efficient use of marketing budgets.

Exceptional Expertise and Speed

At System1, we’ve built a team of top-tier advertising buyers, data scientists and content creators.

We manage hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing across tens of thousands of campaigns – without a platform like RAMP designed for such scale, it’s virtually impossible to manage.

By leveraging AI and machine learning, System1’s experts can perform their tasks ten times faster and at ten times the scale.

Opening Up RAMP to our Partners

As we continue to enhance RAMP to scale our own advertising buying, we recognize the potential for our partners to benefit from a more sophisticated performance marketing platform. 

In the coming year, System1 will open RAMP’s buy side capabilities to our advertising partners.

Our ultimate goal is for businesses to run their entire marketing operations on RAMP—handling all their advertising buying and monetization through System1. 

This new chapter for RAMP is not just an upgrade; it is a transformation.

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