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System1 protects people from irrelevant & unsafe advertising

People generally understand that digital advertising is an important part of helping fund the online services we use every day. But, unless advertising gets more relevant and better respects privacy, consumers will continue to rebel against it.

The best advertising occurs at search engines – a person enters a search & she sees directly relevant ads from high-quality advertisers. However, 95% of time online is spent on web sites, apps, and social networks, where people are bombarded with irrelevant branded advertising or retargeting based on prior searches or purchases. People see the same ads over and over again and, even worse, the advertising can come from nefarious advertisers.

System1 addresses these problems by identifying and unlocking “search box intent” while a person is browsing web sites or social networks. She sees relevant ads geared to her interests, and only is connected to advertisers who are fully vetted by the largest PPC advertising networks.

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System1 is the world’s largest independent market-maker for digital advertising networks

Our company provides liquidity to emerging advertising networks while extending the reach of established networks into new pockets of consumer demand.

The System1 platform uses “pre-targeting” algorithms to unlock and fulfill consumer intent while maintaining personal privacy across channels including social, native, search, display, and lead generation.

The technology we developed anchors on six major optimization systems, using statistical and machine-learning models to identify how consumers will respond to a variety of inputs, digitally echoing how people naturally behave. System1 serves consumer intent on a massive scale, while not making use of personal data.

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Our platform focuses on System 1 thinking

We process very large amounts of data to ensure we deliver the most relevant and safest advertising.

400M+ monthly clicks
110B distinct search queries
9B quiz responses
200+ daily UI optimizations
60M keywords with collected data
120M monthly visitors