Innovate Ahead: S1’s 4th Annual Hackathon 🤖

Michael Spears
October 4th, 2023

🌟 Our fourth annual Hackathon was more than a competition – It showcased the limitless potential when teams across System1 collaborate under deadline on projects that could help shape the future of the company. 🌐 

We added a category to this year’s Hackathon centered on the use of generative AI to propel System1 forward. We were inspired and blown away by the ingenuity of all of our talented teams. 🤯

The main event (by the numbers)

🤝 Cross-collaboration: More than a dozen teams, each powerhouses of talent, worked on projects that touched on everything from our Advertising business to MapQuest.

👥 70+ participants

48 Hours to Hack: With a tight deadline and prizes 🤑 on the line, our teams dove into a whirlwind of coding, designing and collaborating, turning their visions into reality.

⏱️ 5 minutes to present

🏆 Prizes: We divided our Hackathon into three categories to test teams’ skills and determination. 😎 Judges handed out several honorable mention awards and there was also a People’s Choice Award voted on by those watching.

  1. The Intelligent Future: Creativity met AI in this category, where teams utilized GenAI to innovate and generate valuable new business assets. 🤖
  2. The Bottom Line: Projects that boost profits, create new business lines and increase efficiencies. 🤖
  3. Do Good: Giving back is in System1’s DNA. This category focused on projects that aimed to create positive impact. ❤️

Our annual Hackathon is a celebration of innovation, creativity and teamwork from all corners of System1, and this year’s event truly delivered. It was not just about winning – it was about pushing our boundaries.

Amazing work teams!

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