S1 Teams Impress in 3rd Annual Hackathon

May 11th, 2022


48 hours. 17 teams. 1 chance to wow. 

System1’ers did not disappoint in our 3rd annual Hackathon as they worked collaboratively to compete for a chance to win prizes for innovative ideas that could go on to be incorporated into the fabric of the company.

The categories

Teams were given the freedom to come up with any project that fit into one of three categories but had to use resources readily available within the company (search API, MapQuest API, etc.) or available for trial.

Our Show Me The Money category focused on innovative projects that would generate revenue, increase profits, increase efficiencies and/or save costs.

The “Do Good” category focused on creating positive impact for people and/or communities and “Blaze The Trail” explored new ways to solve System1 problems  new approaches, tools, processes and technology.

1st place winners in each category were awarded a prize. Several honorable mentions from the judges and a people’s choice winner, voted by the audience, were also announced.

Pulling It Off

Organizing a multi-day event across several time zones on a platform new to the System1 team was no easy feat but our planning team and volunteers worked to make sure everyone had a fair shot.

Our employees were allowed to form teams up to 6 people, travel to collaborate in-person where it made sense and were given 48 hours to hack.

This year we used a new platform to host our biggest event of the year: Welcome.  

We were able to improve the experience, pace and look of the event not only for presenters, but for the audience, with the use of custom graphics, music and video. Teams had 5 minutes to present followed by a 2 minute live Q&A with judges.

Video submissions were also allowed several teams took advantage & wowed 👏

Stressed? Guided Meditation 🙃

And there was even guided meditation from comedian Rodney Norman. Really.


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