GenAI & System1: Accelerating Video Ad Growth and Campaign Efficiency

July 3rd, 2024

Integrating cutting-edge generative AI and machine learning capabilities into our business has been transformative for System1.

We recently announced major advances in our RAMP platform and we’re now excited to share how AI is reshaping our approach to video ad campaigns – enhancing efficiency, scale and delivering remarkable results for System1’s expert media buyers globally, who have launched 6x more video ads QoQ.

Scaling Video Production with Precision and Success

Generative AI has been a game-changer for System1’s video ads.

By incorporating new tools like AI-generated voiceovers and digital avatars, we’ve been able to scale our video production, launching more video campaigns than ever before, with higher accuracy and success rates. 

This technology has proven invaluable, especially in international markets that have been traditionally more challenging to break into. The ability to seamlessly produce videos in multiple languages has unlocked new growth opportunities, making our campaigns more inclusive and far-reaching.

Boosting Efficiency and Creativity

AI tools have significantly boosted our operational efficiency, saving our team time and costs in content creation and ideation. 

This allows our experts to focus on high-level analytical and strategic tasks, fostering personal growth while driving innovation and creativity within System1.


Leveraging System1’s Data for Smarter Decisions

One of System1’s key advantages is our wealth of first-party data. Our team of data scientists and AI experts transforms this data into actionable insights, enabling our buying team to make more informed decisions. 

New automated features powered by AI allow us to launch more campaigns, driving our growth and expanding our global footprint.

The increased success rate means higher profitability, highlighting the effectiveness of our AI-driven strategies while underscoring System1’s status as a leading performance marketer specializing in customer acquisition.


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