Our Powerful RAMP Technology Explained

May 17th, 2022

Best-In-Class Technology.

If you caught our Q1 earnings call, then you heard it mentioned: RAMP.

RAMP is short for Responsive Acquisition Marketing Platform — our powerful proprietary technology platform that’s among the world’s most dynamic and key to our success.

What does it do?

RAMP allows us to build brands across verticals, develop & grow our own products and deliver high-intent customers to our advertising partners no matter the advertising channel, with machine learning that provides constant optimization.

This is why we call ourselves omnivertical and omnichannel.

We want to use RAMP to build any consumer experience and have everything that’s associated with it work right out of the box — As soon as we set up a site, we are able to seamlessly do paid marketing and organic traffic to that website, and have all of the reporting features work.

Our goal is to have RAMP provide that functionality immediately for any type of business we want to do or acquire.

The idea 💡

We did not set out with the goal to build RAMP.

Our original goal was much more practical and immediate: We had acquired more than a half dozen companies over a two year span, had a lot of technology to onboard and wanted to make sure the weight of that fragmentation didn’t start to slow the development of the company down.

It became apparent quickly that there was an opportunity to build a platform at System1 that would not only help us scale but be a growth driver.

RAMP layers

RAMP has three tiers.

The first is our application layer. This is where we build all of our sites and consumer experiences.

The second layer is our platform layer, which includes all of our reusable components; we build a system once and then apply it to all of the systems and sites so that we don’t have to replicate the same work repeatedly.

Our RAMP Console is a part of this group where we have reporting capabilities, self-service functionality, administration of our sites, as well as all of our services to power monetization, data science and infrastructure.

We’re able to programmatically set up ads and connect them with our system so that when traffic is purchased and a user comes to one of our sites, we know who they are, where they came from, which buyer set up the ad, the topic of the ad; our data science team and system can then learn more about what people want to see to improve efficiency.

With our search-based advertising, we can market anything from automotive, insurance, travel to financial categories. When you’re able to market anything, you need the tools to figure out what people are interested in.

The final tier is the data layer. This includes our data engineering and warehousing functions, along with our data science team. This team builds the machine learning and data science algorithms to improve the performance of our business.

The more refined the algorithms get, the more accurate we are in our projections.

Tracking millions of clicks and thousands of campaigns is hard to do accurately and at scale. Once you get it right, having that accurate data allows us to constantly improve the performance of our campaigns and the business overall.

What’s next

You are never done building a platform.

There are always things we can improve or new capabilities we’d like to add.  

As our CEO & co-founder noted in our earnings call, the top priority for the rest of 2022 is to continue developing RAMP to ensure we have a path to tripling our scale.

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