System1 is focused on consumer privacy & building a safer internet

System1 believes you have the absolute right to control your data, protect your privacy, and be safe when you are online.

We offer a range of products for people across the privacy spectrum. Some folks want to maintain complete anonymity & privacy, while others are comfortable sharing about themselves online. System1 meets each person wherever they are on this spectrum.

For people focused on complete privacy & anonymity, we offer a full suite of privacy products including Private Search, Privacy Browser, and Virtual Private Network (VPN). Our private search engines and private browser let you access the best search results without storing or passing your personal data, and our VPN enables total anonymity during your complete internet experience.

For people who are less focused on privacy but want safety and freedom from malware and malicious advertisers, we offer our antivirus software suite that keeps your devices safe from bad actors. We also leverage our expertise to match you with only the most-relevant and safest advertisers from the highest-quality advertising networks.

Our Privacy division is run separately and independently from the rest of our company.