New Skills, New Opportunities: How Professional Growth Takes Form at System1

Interests that arise on the job are sometimes a passing fancy; taken further, perhaps a fun side project to complement one’s core role. If they really stick, though, those budding passions — when properly nurtured with the right support — can bloom into a wholly new career path.

A few years into his tenure at System1, Patch Neranartkomol experienced the latter while working as a technical product manager for the customer acquisition company.

“I immersed myself into the engineering side, while trying to pull off the product responsibilities. I found myself thinking about how much I enjoyed doing it and how distracted I was by it,” Neranartkomol said.

With support from open-minded managers (plus, utilizing an education stipend for relevant courses) Neranartkomol moved to become a software engineer — his second such transition at the organization, having entered product after his start as a data analyst.

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