Interview with System1’s Co-Founder and CEO Michael Blend

System1 CEO, Michael Blend, sat down with ThinkPrivacy’s Dan Arel to talk about System1 and Startpage.

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with System1’s CEO Michael Blend to discuss the 2019 partnership with the privacy respecting search engine Startpage.

The news of this partnership rocked the privacy community. Thankfully, Startpage Co Founder and CEO Robert E.G. Beens answered the community’s questions and put anti-privacy rumors to rest. Furthermore, since the announcement the private search engine has shown that Startpage’s mission hasn’t changed, but rather has enhanced their privacy services. However, questions have still remained as to the relationship with System1 and why they would want a search engine that does not track its users.

When I agreed to interview Mr. Blend, I made it clear I wasn’t going to softball my questions and I wanted to know as much as I could about the company and its plans.

What I learned is printed below, unedited straight from the CEO’s mouth. An enlightening look at the history and future of System1 and the place they believe Startpage and other privacy respecting services have among their impressive group of companies.

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