Announcing Startpage’s refreshed brand

Privacy is finally going mainstream, and Startpage is helping to lead the charge.

Startpage was founded in 2006 as the first and most private search engine. From day one, our mission has been to protect people’s right to privacy and raise awareness on the importance of data privacy. Over the years, Startpage has continued to evolve as a company and product, as global and technological developments have brought privacy topics into the mainstream conversation.

Today we are happy to announce another milestone for Startpage: Our refreshed logo and new brand identity, which reflect the growing awakening of people’s right to privacy and the straightforward way to control their personal data by searching in private.

Startpage’s updated branding represents the product enhancements we’ve made over the last few years, and the direction Startpage is speeding towards. Our goal of the brand refresh is to:

  • Present a distinct, digital-first image of Startpage.
  • Create instant recognition of our core offering – private search.
  • Remind people worldwide to protect their privacy and “Start your search with Startpage.”

After months of hard work from our team working across multiple countries and timezones, as well as the time and help we received from our loyal Startpage Insiders focus group and the global Startpage community, we could not be happier with the result!

“We aimed to create a feeling and experience that reflects the calmness and confidence people have while searching on Startpage,” said Kelly Finnerty, Director of Brand and Content. Regarding the brand refresh, she states “New look, same privacy and as always the best search results.”

Please read on to see our new look and the full story!