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Job Location: Denver, CO

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System1 is hiring full stack Web Developers to work on the MapQuest website. MapQuest (the website, iOS app and Android app) has a rich feature set and a large base of dedicated users. This position is responsible for creating and architecting new web applications and maintaining and improving the existing web applications. You will work with our support team to troubleshoot client issues and maintain and improve the quality of the website.

We are looking for a passionate developers who love to tackle new challenges, learn new frameworks and technologies, and work alongside other developers.

The Role You Will Have

  • Write clean, functional, and scalable code on the front and back-end
  • Testing and fix bugs and/or other coding issues
  • Communicate technical limitations and roadblocks to your team
  • Assist the client support team using your technical background
  • Able to assess feasibility, difficulty and provide time estimates on implementing new features to an application
  • Assist in documenting, debugging, evaluating and unit testing projects
  • Implement A/B tests

What You Will Bring

  • 5+ years development experience with web applications
  • Able to deliver high quality features on new and existing web applications using Node.js, Angular.js, Ruby on Rails, Scala w/Play framework
  • Able to maintain and refactor existing codebases to best practices and new technologies
  • Familiarity with Agile development practices
  • Experience working with Git version control in a collaborative team environment, creating pull requests and performing code reviews
  • Excellent communication and time management skills
  • Comfortable discussing development decisions and collaborating with a team
  • Degree in computer science
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