What's it Like to Work in DevOps?

November 1st, 2021


DevOps Engineer, Jaime Guerrero, shared a little bit about his job, what it’s like working at the company and offered up some career advice for others looking to work in DevOps.

How would you describe your job to your family?

“I usually compare it to car manufacturing. Some of us work on planning what the car will look like. Others work on building faster engines. My team makes sure that the entire assembly line keeps running. We remove impediments to building our products and maintaining high quality in our software. After the software is built, we help teams keep it running as expected.”

Day In The Life

“After our daily team standup, every day is different. Sometimes I’m fielding questions and leading resolutions when things behave unexpectedly. Other times I’m involved in design discussions for our future technical direction.”

What advice or tips would you give someone looking for a role in DevOps?

“Stay curious about all aspects of computing. You’ll never know the answer to every problem you face at work or in an interview. But if you’re always learning and asking questions, you’ll develop senses for how to find those answers.”

How did you first get interested in DevOps?

“For me DevOps is a natural consequence of writing software. Learning how to operate your applications means you learn what their limits are and how you can grow beyond them.”

What’s one of your favorite memories from working at System1 so far?

“Professionally, it’s been awesome seeing two teams transition their workloads to a system I put together and how efficient their processes have become as a result. Personally, I always look forward to beach cleanup days.”

How did you prepare for your interview or role?

“Before the interview, I reviewed common application deployment architectures, along with data structure and algorithm review. The day of the interview, I allowed myself plenty of time to arrive early.”

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