System1 x Protected: Joining Forces as SST

Michael Spears
February 1st, 2022

New Chapter

We begin this exciting new chapter as a public company (NYSE: SST) by not only celebrating how far we’ve come but highlighting what joining forces with means for our future.

This video 👇 shows where System1 started and how we first met Protected.

System1 x builds award-winning software and services that keep your digital world safe.

Co-Founder Chris Phillips said the relationship between the two companies began years earlier. System1 CEO & Co-Founder Michael Blend was an early investor.

“I’d always keep in contact with him; How’s his business going? How’s ours going?” said Phillips. “And we always said it would be really cool; one day let’s combine these businesses and make a super company.”

Linked by a shared passion for fast growth, Phillips said both groups are aligned for upward momentum as a combined public company under the NYSE ticker SST.

“What’s exciting is what System1 has to offer and really does compliment what we do,” said Co-Founder Billy Thomas. “I think partnering with System1 gives us that additional edge. If System1 can drive the traffic and we’ve got the products to sell, it’s a match made in heaven.”

Thomas said the growth of has already far exceeded expectations with the customer base growing to 2 million since the company’s founding in 2016.

“We use big data for every decision we make, every day. With System1 being very similar, it really helps our businesses with the synergies,” said Co-Founder Nick Baker. “People don’t always see the sacrifices you make with your own life, family, friends but hope it all can be worth it.”

Milestone Moment 🥂

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