Spotlight: Product & Engineering Teams

Michael Spears
February 15th, 2022

True Partners 🤝

A great relationship between product and engineering teams is a must.

Ours work with many different partners though none as closely as each other; engineers are the builders who help turn the company vision into reality and product managers are the glue that ensures everyone is rowing in the same direction.

The synergy here is special 👇


Staying Current

Staying current is part of our engineering culture — Our team is encouraged to explore and propose new ways of doing things.

We build all of our own stuff, a lot of it from scratch; engineers at System1 still enjoy good challenges in data science, machine learning and distributed systems.

Most of what we work on are novel problems that don’t have off-the-shelf solutions.

A relatively small, nimble team, given the scale of our business where there’s still an opportunity to have a big impact on where the company is going.

Jack Of All Trades

Product management is the nexus point between business, technology and design; taking those capabilities together to deliver value for users and the company.

Our team has a lot of agency in choosing what problems to solve.

System1 product managers can be described as jacks of all trades, which isn’t by happenstance.

Being well-rounded makes it easier when the company moves quickly — we don’t have to hire a specialized teammate and can pivot within ourselves.

Grit and perseverance go a long way.

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