No Day the Same: HowStuffWorks

October 15th, 2021

Content Manager

No day is the same at HowStuffWorks and being flexible and curious are musts, says content manager Sarah Gleim, who shares what it’s like to help manage the site’s day-to-day needs.

What Do People Think You Do?

“A lot of my friends think I write restaurant reviews (I never have in my 20-plus year career). I do have a degree in culinary science and I have produced several cookbooks. I do produce articles on food and food culture for HowStuffWorks, but I definitely don’t do restaurant reviews.”

What Do You Really Do?

“What I really do is help manage the day-to-day editorial and content needs of That includes a ton of responsibilities, including fun tasks like brainstorming story ideas and assigning and producing stories with our network of expert freelance writers. But I also fact check and vet stories for factual accuracy and scientific correctness before they go live on the site, as well as help ensure high-performing content stays up-to-date and current. As the team’s content manager, I also oversee relationships with a diverse group of nonprofit content partnerships for HowStuffWorks. I am also currently leading HowStuffWorks efforts to produce news-related stories.”

Day In The Life

“No day is ever the same at HowStuffWorks, honestly. My day’s work depends on several things, including what news is breaking and what stories need to get live on the site first. Those take priority for me right now.”

What Education If Any Is Needed?

“A degree in journalism or communications.”

Something Important To Know

“I think as an editor for a site like you need to be flexible, smart, reliable and most of all, willing to learn. covers just about every topic you can imagine so you can’t be afraid to assign and edit stories on topics like physics, trigonometry or deep space. Those are the pieces that you lean on your expert writers (and fact checking skills!) the most. But this also is what I love most about my job. I learn something new every day. I feel smarter just for working here. OK … I’ll admit I don’t love the stories about math, but I do love everything else!”



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