Spotlight: Director of Media Buying

June 7th, 2022

Media Buying 💰

Our buying team supports all of our business lines.

This team is key to what we do as a company – buyers purchase traffic that’s driven to our own properties.

System1’s Director of Media Buying, Matthew Hrushka, oversees the media buying process with an understanding of the user lifecycle, goals and monetization points.

“Traditional education only gets you so far in the digital advertising ecosystem”

The goal is direct response from the user; when we buy media, we want to see an action that is monetizable and drives value for System1, focusing on direct ROAS (return on ad spend) within a single user session.

Matthew shares what a typical day at System1 looks like for him and offers advice for people interested in digital marketing.

How would you describe your job to your family? 

I typically keep the description of my job pretty high level: Digital marketing – buying digital advertising to achieve a specific goal.

Day In The Life ☀️

In one word: testing. The day normally starts out reviewing the team’s previous day’s performance at a high level, then working my way downwards through campaigns and ad groups. Once there is a clear picture of what happened the previous day, along with considering overall trends, I start modifying those campaigns or team direction based on overall trends and business strategy.

What advice would you give someone looking for a role in digital marketing?

Don’t be afraid to test and fail fast; those failures will lead you to success.

Education 📚

Traditional education only gets you so far in the digital advertising ecosystem. What really makes up the difference is the desire to educate yourself and adapt to this changing industry. There are tons of blogs and outlets that speak to buy-side networks, how they are changing, and ways to improve upon your media buys according to platform or community best practices. We’re also extremely lucky to have some of the best media buyers at System1; we always work cross functionally to train and ramp up on new buysides or monetization flows.

Something Important To Know 💡

Always let the data speak for itself and never go with your intuition. There have been countless times when running tests that what I thought would be the winner fails and vice versa.

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