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September 21st, 2022

How Product Managers Keep their Teams Aligned 🗺

Product roadmaps are only useful if they’re guiding you to the right destination.

Our product team keeps our great work aligned here at System1

Built In highlights the systems and processes driving our teams ahead in a chat with System1 Product Manager Henry Fellows.

How do you ensure there’s alignment across teams from the outset when developing a product roadmap? 

In my opinion, there are two key components of gaining broad consensus for a roadmap. First, the easiest way to gain alignment on roadmap components across the organization is to make sure everything you are planning to build supports a pillar of your company’s macro, long-term strategy. Each project or deliverable must support these company-level objectives in some way. The second component is to have a user-driven mindset when prioritizing features — know your customer and what is important to them in the context of what you’re building.

Our team benefitted from adhering to these principles during this past year. At System1, we want to grow our ability to source profitable web traffic, while also maintaining diversity in traffic sources. To meet these goals, we launched integrated data analytics support for several new buy side networks. Aligning these integration projects with System1’s growth strategy made our efforts an easy sell to internal partners, while close partnership and constant engagement with users helped us to ensure we were shipping maximum value from ideation to launch.

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