We create an optimal search experience for the user.

System1 is a certified partner of the internet’s leading ad networks. We ensure your ads are placed in front of the right people at the right time.

Our Products


System1 enables granular audience targeting and efficient traffic monetization across multiple social media channels.


Advanced metasearch technologies provide 1st party search intent data & wider and deeper keyword and ad coverage.

Market Research

System1 quizzes aggregate high volumes of self-identified consumer attributes to enable detailed audience segmentation.


We work across the entire native marketing ecosystem to develop contextually aligned advertising targeted to interest groups defined by our audience segmentation algorithms.


System1’s proprietary algorithms incorporate email response data to segment email audiences and recommend targeted content and advertising.

Demand Generation

System1 aggregates inquiry and purchase path data to model correlated consumer demand.


User-Level Targeting

Email hash, device ID, cookie based


"Always-on" UI, keyword and category multi-variate testing

Data Driven

Publisher or 3rd party supplied, PII protected

Highest Traffic Quality

Sophisticated traffic scoring algorithms

Vertical Coverage

Hundreds of top-level categories

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting API, FTPS, Console

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IAB Europe Consent Management Provider

System1 is a Consent Management Provider (or "CMP") under the IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework (the "Framework").

As a CMP under the Framework, System1 complies with the stated policies of the Framework and only works with third-party Publishers that are also in compliance with the Framework's policies.