Architect, Data Warehouse


Job Location: Venice, CA

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We are looking for Data Architect to lead the future roadmap and design of our data technology. This is a senior role with a high amount of visibility. We are looking for experienced candidates that have led the design and implementation of big data solutions in prior roles.


  • Lead design of data warehousing solutions for structured and unstructured data
  • Understand key stakeholder needs and design systems to achieve goals
  • Migrate legacy systems to new / upgraded processes or technology
  • Manage key aspects of data technology including scale, speed, alerting, and data integrity


  • 10+ years of engineering experience with significant data warehousing background
  • Designed and built data infrastructure management platforms with big data technologies such as Hadoop and spark that incorporate batch and real-time capabilities
  • Managed daily XXX millions of transactions and XX TB scale
  • Owned key infrastructure supporting mission-critical business needs and external SLA’s
  • Managed complex data workflows and dependencies
  • Understands the unique data needs for key stakeholders - data science, testing / experimentation, BI, engineering, and external partners
  • Very comfortable with Python, SQL, Linux, AWS technology environment
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