Beyond the Search Box

System1 is the world's largest independent marketplace for keyword pay-per-click advertising

Our platform analyzes billions of consumer attributes and uses “pre-targeting” algorithms to unlock and fulfill consumer intent across channels including social, native, email, search, market research, and lead generation.

The technology we developed anchors on six major optimization systems, using statistical and machine-learning models to identify how consumers will respond to a variety of inputs, digitally echoing how people naturally behave. This allows us to tap into and serve consumer intent on a massive scale.

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We founded System1 with a simple idea

Consumers often express their intent by entering a search into a search box, but only 2% of their time online is spent at a search engine. We believe consumers also harbor unexpressed or “latent” intent the other 98% of the time they are online. To pursue this idea, we brought together a leading team of data scientists and engineers focused on identifying and unlocking consumer intent beyond the search box.

Our inspiration comes from groundbreaking prospect theory research by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and his partner Amos Tversky. Their findings distinguish between two modes of thought: System 2, which is slower and more deliberate; and System 1, which is fast, automatic, and intuitive.

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Our platform focuses on System 1 thinking

Pre-targeting algorithms predict consumer demand, unlock their intent via smart and pertinent messaging, and then match demand with targeted advertisers.

400M monthly clicks
110B distinct search queries
4.3B market research responses
200+ simultaneous targeting experiments
22K unique audience profiles
60M keywords with collected data

System1 makes advertising better

Most consumers are bombarded with two major types of internet advertising: branding and retargeting. They are either overwhelmed with branded advertising aimed at manipulating their preferences, or endure being followed around the web with retargeting based on their prior searches or purchase queries. In contrast, the best type of advertising experience occurs when a consumer expresses her intent by entering a search into a search box and sees relevant pay-per-click advertisers.

System1 bridges this gap by identifying and unlocking “search box intent” while a consumer is online, and then connecting her with the most relevant advertisers from the major PPC networks. The consumer sees more relevant advertising, and marketers extend their reach beyond the search box.

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